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School Safety Assessments and Student Re-Integration

With the rise of threats and recent Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, school security and gun control has been in the forefront of everyone’s mind. It has become essential for schools to considerer revisiting current safety policies and enhancing security. Our consultants work directly with School Officials, school boards and parent associations to develop a comprehensive plan specific the needs of that community. These assessments include working directly with local law enforcement, schools administrators and staff and mental health professionals. The results can be seen in a reduction of school violence, an enhanced school – community understanding of current school safety issues and identification of risk and liability./

One of the biggest concerns is related to the implementation of school-based risk/threat assessment, in particular for students who might be returning from hospitalization/suspensions who could benefit from an assessment process to determine needed school-based supports. We work directly with school mental health staff to develop a reintegration policy that is specific to the schools and surround community support.

In addition, we perform compressive school safety assessment services to include review of current access control technology, network security, “lock down” solutions, visitor management control and development of polices and standard operating procedures. We have assist with implementing a reintegration plan for students who have made a credible threat and provide a step by step process to ensure a safe return into the school population. Our approach factors in the perspective of school staff, the procedures in place and the community servicing the school. We also provide onsite school safety seminars for students and staff.

Our compressive School Safety assessments include:

  • Current Risk & Threat Assessment
  • Safety and Security of Building and grounds
  • School/Procedures/Guidelines
  • Offenses/Consequences Outlined in the Student Code of Conduct
  • Role of Law enforcement/School Resource Officer
  • Mandatory Reporting of Criminal Activity to Law Enforcement
  • Review of the Emergency/Crisis School Safety Plan
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Staff Development Opportunities Concerning Safety and Legal Responsibilities
  • Federal Laws Concerning Students with Disabilities
  • Procedures for Data Collection
  • Review of Current Discipline Data
  • Prevention/Intervention/Student Support Plans
  • Opportunities for Student Involvement
  • Opportunities for Parent involvement
  • Interviews with Randomly Selected Students and Staff
  • Surveys

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