Digital Detox, Disconnect to Reconnect for Teens

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Spending the majority of our waking lives experiencing reality through a screen, endlessly plugged into our devices, is taking its toll…and we’re realizing it’s not the answer. It’s time that the era of burnout, FOMO, multi-tasking, tech dependence, fatigue, “social media everything” and information overload comes to a close. We need time to disconnect and reconnect to those people around us and experience life the way it was meant to be. Recognizing and addressing the need to take a digital break is essential, especially for the kids who are experiencing several key mental and physical health concerns.

45 minutes with additional time for questions.
  • Facts and Stats.
  • The brain game.
  • Social media and device consequences.
  • Long term effects.
  • The digital diet.
  • Reconnecting and reengaging.

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